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Devil's Bridge: The quintessential (but also stunning) Sedona tourist hike

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Devils Bridge Sedona Arizona

Google hikes to do in Sedona, Arizona, and the Devil's Bridge Trail is sure to be on the list. The photogenic bridge and the red sandstone backdrop creates an irresistable photo opportunity. Despite the inevitable crowds, with four different routes to get to this unique rock formation, there's sure to be one that appeals to you.


Trail Info-- via Dry Creek Road

Note, this post covers hike along the Dry Creek Road route, but there are other routes to get to the bridge, which I outline below.

Know before you go

  • Parking is limited at Dry Creek Vista Trail. If you plan on taking this route and getting a spot, you will need to go at an off time (weekdays), get there early, or get lucky. Note, there is a free shuttle that can take you to this trailhead if you are concerned about parking.

  • Expect to wait if you want to get a photo on top of the bridge. You will notice there is no photo of me on top of the bridge. That's because when I was there, there was probably a line of 50 people waiting to get a photo. This hike, and that photo is extremely popular.

  • There are multiple routes to do this hike. All the paths lead to the Devil's Bridge Trail, which is another 1 mile (1.6km) to the bridge. Deciding which option will depend on how far you want to hike and what type of car you have.

Alternate Routes

As mentioned, there are three other routes to connect to the Devil's Bridge Trail, which will take you to bridge.

Devil's Bridge Route Comparison Table

Upon reflection and doing some post-hike research, my take here is that the Mescal Trail is the best choice. You keep your mileage to a reasonable level , avoid walking on the 4x4 road (which is quite dusty with passing vehicles), and as of 2022 there is now a shuttle service to the trailhead.


The Trail

Devils Bridge Trail

If you follow the Dry Creek Road route, this is what you're going to be seeing for the first part of the hike. It is wide open and does have some nice views of other parts of Sedona, but something about hiking on a road takes away from the magic a little bit.

Devils Bridge Trail

And you will occasionally have to get out of the way of vehicles passing. I did see a lot of these open air 4WD vehicles and I'm not gonna lie, they looked pretty fun. Maybe next time...

Devils Bridge Trail

After a mile or so, you will reach the junction to Devils Bridge Trail.

Devils Bridge Trail

From here, you will follow a (likely crowded) dirt trail to the Bridge. It starts out pretty tame for the first half but gets steeper as you near the bridge.

Devils Bridge Trail

This is probably the most challenging part of the trail. It's a steep ascent to get to the bridge lookout and does require a little bit of scrambling. Nothing crazy, but it is something to keep in mind.

Devils Bridge Sedona Arizona

There it is, the Devil's Bridge! Not pictured here is the line of about 50 people waiting to walk out on the bridge for their photo. Some quick math told me that if I wanted to wait, it would take over an hour. I instead opted to take a landscape only photo of the attraction. Crowds or not, there is something so captivating about this little slice of nature. It's no wonder it is such a popular hike.


SS Reflections

I have a saying that goes "tourist hikes are touristy for a reason." They are usually manageable by most, easy to get to, and have a great payoff at the end. Devil's Bridge checks all of those boxes. And while part of me goes into nature to find solitude, there are other times where I have to simply embrace the crowds and appreciate what I'm seeing. Because if i don't deal with that slight discomfort, I won't get to see places like this.

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