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Who's Summit Steve?

As an avid hiker, passionate photographer, and National Park enthusiast, I travel the world in search of scenic and stunning trails.

I devoted five years to hiking 100+ trails on the Hawaiian Islands and two years to bagging New Hampshire's forty-eight 4,000 footers. Now that I live in Colorado, I've thru hiked the Colorado Trail and I'm beginning to summit all fifty-eight 14,000 footers while also enjoying other trails whenever I find the time. 

This blog is my journal and photo portfolio of these adventures and more. I provide my personal (hot) takes and practical tips like I would to a friend preparing for a hike. I also share my random inner thoughts that surface as I trek these gorgeous peaks. Occasionally, I add reactions from my girlfriend (who fears heights). I hope all of it inspires others to get outdoors, to hike a new mountain, and to try a trail previously thought too intimidating. 

Join me!

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