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Mount Beerwah: An adrenaline filled climb in Australia's Glass House Mountains

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Mount Beerwah drone shot

The highest summit in Australia's Glass House Mountain, this adventure is not for the faint of heart. Most of the climb is a scramble, much of it on steep and exposed Class 4 rock, to reach this prominent summit. But make it through and you will be treated to a wonderful view of this unique part of Australia.


Trail Info

Mount Beerwah Trail Stats Table

Know before you go

  • This is a class 4 scramble on steep, smooth rock slabs. Seriously, it's dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. While technical climbing equipment is not required, experience on this type of route is essential to summit safely.

  • Do not attempt this if it has been raining. See above point, smooth rock slabs. My friend and I had a couple small slips when the conditions were perfect, so I don't think it'd even be possible to climb this if the rocks were more slick.

  • A helmet and gloves are helpful for this climb. You will see signs for rockfall at the beginning of the trail and the rocks can get hot in that intense Australian sun. Both items would be nice to have for this adventure.

  • This summit has spiritual significance to the Jinibara and Gubbi Gubbi people. While these indigenous groups have asked people to refrain from climbing it, it is still legal and open to the public. You will have to make a personal decision if you think it is acceptable make the climb, it is important to be aware and respect the terrain.

Other Trails Nearby

The Glass House Mountains have a ton of other trails to offer for those exploring the area and not all are tough climbs. A few I would love to try if I went back:

  • Mount Tibrogargan Circuit- this is less of a climb and more of a loop around Mount Tibrogargran. A great hike to get some perspectives of this prominent peak's base.

  • Mount Ngungun- A more tame but still demanding 1.5 mile / 3 km path to the top of Mount Ngungun. This trail provides a good stepping stone to some of the more intense summits.

  • Mount Tibberoowuccum and Trachyte Circuit Loop- A lengthier trek (6.1 mile / 9.8 km) that loops around several peaks and lookouts while summiting Mount Tibberoowuccum.


The Trail

Mount Beerwah Trail

After a short walk along a path from the car park, you get your first real glimpse of what you are about to climb. Yep that is it. Pretty much straight up.

Mount Beerwah Trail

The climbing begins. I hope your shoes are grippy. I was thankful my Merrill Moab's have such good grip as I traversed these slabs

Action video of the climb here. Marc was working on the tan so of course he had to go shirtless.

Mount Beerwah Trail

The up in my opinion was not nearly as treacherous as the down. We did a lot of tentative crabwalking on the descent. At one point, I hit a section where I couldn't figure out a good path and ended up doing a 5 or 6 foot little slide on my butt down to a lower ledge. Not ideal, but sometimes you just gotta send it

Mount Beerwah trail

While the climb is intense, it does level out some before the summit. After the steep scramble we reached a ledge under the mountain with this unique honeycomb looking structure. This landmark signaled the end of the climbing (on the way up at least). From here, you follow the path right to take the ridge to the summit.

Mount Beerwah drone footage

An aerial view of the ridge. Compared to the climbing we just did, this felt like nothing

Summit of Mount Beerwah

Raise those arms in triumph because we made it to the top! The summit really did show the unique landscape that is the Glass House Mountains. I've never seen so many interestingly shaped mountains in a small area. Now time to center yourself, because it's descent time...


SS Hot Takes

If I hade a sound bite for this hike, it would be my friend Marc's assertion "we almost died." Now, I think that some of that strong assertion comes from the fact that he was trying to impress some women at the Brisbane bars. However, even with my experience on some sketchy ridges in Hawaii, Beerwah stands out as one of the tougher scrambles I've attempted. Those smooth rock slabs were something I hadn't climbed before, and coupled with the fact that we were completely alone made me think that maybe it was a fools errand.

But at the end of the day, we made it with no injuries, and those views at the summit were truly mesmerizing. And the fact that this climb is still so vivid in my mind so many years later, means it was worth the risk to me.

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